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bioprocess development?

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Value Proposition

Process analytical technology, quality by design as well as the emerging competition in biosimilar development point out the need for smart and faster ways for process development and control strategies.

By combining intensified design of experiment (iDoE) with a hybridmodel integrated into a user-friendly software package, development times and cost for different unit operations can be reduced by 30 to 60%! Together with a datamanagement system model our solution makes model predictive control tangible


Who we are

We found each other on conferences and company meetings and together identified the need for innovative solutions to speed up bioprocess development. Our passion to drive things resulted in the vision to found Novasign, a company consisting of specialists of three disciplines:

Bioprocess engineering, applied statistics, and hybrid-modeling as well as process automation.

Together we develop strategies to offer solutions for pharmaceutical relevant topics including quality by design, process analytical technology, and model predictive control. Ultimately bringing Digitalization by terms of data management and hybrid modeling solutions to industry.



                                                                   "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

- Anthony J. D'Angelo