What we offer

Together with our partners we are currently developing the following licence based solutions for both pharma and plant-engineering customers. We also offer personal consulting regarding both bio-processes and modeling.   

Hybrid model-Toolbox and Digital Twin


Do you know how your product's critical quality attributes (CQAs) are related to critical process parameters (CPPs)?

- Hybrid models combine the predictability of mechanistic models
  with information hidden in the data

- Other than with classic DoE tools you understand the whole process not only the response at the endpoint.

- Addressing QbD and PAT guidelines

- The first step towards model predictive control.

- The obtained model can be used as Digital Twin for process simulation

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Intensified Design of Experiments -Toolbox (iDoE)


Tired of using time-consuming DoE to describe your design space?


- The iDoE Toolbox is capable of describing a certain design space 60% faster!

- Together with the Hybrid model-toolbox, a strong model is built

- You gain true process understanding because the whole process is
- considered compared to classical DoE

- Saves up to 60 % of process development-, optimization- and
  characterization time, consumables and energy

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Data Management System Integration


Do you want to access the data of different devices or unit operations on a click?
Are you interested in model predictive control?


- Together with our partner Evon GmbH we connect equipment
   to a powerful data management platform

- As a system integrator we connect your up- and downstream equipment
  with external hard- and soft-sensors as well as analytical off-line data

- Enabling the visualisation of the whole process chain on a click

- Making model predictive control tangible



Model Predictive Control


The holy grail in bioprocess manufacturing is tangible enabling computer-aided
constant product quality!


- The developed model from the Hybridmodel toolbox can be set into an MES 
  system for soft sensing or MPC

- By interfering with critical process parameters the critical quality attributes
  are controlled

- Significantly reducing deviations in manufacturing processes

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Bioprocess consulting


We can assist you in bioprocess engineering as well as process related data and modeling questions and issues


- Strong background in bioprocess development and modeling

- Covering upstream (mainly microbial and mammalian) processes

- Downstream (From primary recovery to fill and finish)

- Fast iteration times from first contact to solution





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